Night Flight Clearance

The Corse Hélicoptère company offers helicopter pilot training.

Fly a helicopter at any time!

Duration of training: minimum 2 weeks


  • Valid class 1 or 2 medical certificate
  • Valid PPL-H Licence
  • Helicopter type ratings used for the training
  • Training can be undertaken with less than 100 hours of flying time but the candidate must have performed 100 hours of flying time in a helicopter (including at least 60 hours as PIC and 20 hours of flight in navigation) after obtaining his/her PPLH to be able to fly in night VFR conditions.


  • Theoretical training: a minimum of 5 hours
  • Flight instruction: a minimum of 15 hours in DC (which includes 10 hours in VSV and 5 hours of night flying) and at least 5 full solo night tours.
Issuance of a Training Completion Certificate which also endorses “Night Flight Clearance” on the licence. Possible training over 6 months maximum in winter (November to April)
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