The Corse Hélicoptère Fleet

The Corse Hélicoptère company is equipped with three AirBus Eurocopter type H 125 (B3e) helicopters and a Guimbal type Cabri helicopter used for the flight school.

3 AS350 B3e Helicopters

  • Manufacturer: AIRBUS EUROCOPTER
  • Type: H 125 (B3e)
  • Number of passenger seats : 5
  • Baggage : 4 (en moyenne)
    • 2 checked bags (max size: 40x40x70 cm).
    • 2 “Trolley Cabin” type luggage (56x45x25 cm).
    • Do not hesitate to contact us in case of doubt.
  • Speed : 120 knots
  • Noise level : 84,4 EPNdb
  • Equipped for aerial work and maritime crossings
The Corse Hélicoptère Fleet

Helicopter Servicing & Maintenance

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