Scenic Helicopter Tour from Ajaccio

Corse Hélicoptère offers scenic helicopter tours from Ajaccio throughout the year, 7 days a week, from 20 minutes of flight time.

Scenic helicopter tours departing from Ajaccio

Corse Hélicoptère offers unforgettable helicopter tours from which you can discover all the beauty and majesty of the landscapes of Corsica from the sky.
Tours depart from the Ajaccio base at Napoleon Bonaparte airport. A transfer to pick you up at your place of residence can be arranged (depending on the possibilities of a helicopter landing area nearby).
Scenic tours last a minimum of 20 minutes.
If you privately hire the helicopter, tours can be adapted according to your wishes.
Our helicopters, Ecureuil AS350 from Airbus Eurocopter, have 5 passenger seats (1 front seat on the pilot side and 4 rear seats) with real comfort allowing everyone to have a view from all sides.


  • There is no age limit.
  • Weight limited to 100 kg (except reservation of 2 places).
  • Pregnant woman accepted up to 8 months (subject to doctor’s agreement).
  • Minors: Children under 2 fly on their parent’s lap. Minors from 2 to 12 years old must be accompanied. Unaccompanied 13/18 year olds must provide parental consent.
  • People with disabilities must be accompanied.

South Shore Gulf of Ajaccio

Discover the South Shore Gulf of Ajaccio with a tour that will take you over Porticcio, the peninsula of  Isolella , Capu di Muru and its Genoese Tower, the beautiful beaches of Cala d’OrzuCupabia and Porto Pollo returning by Coti-Chiavarri and Pietrosella.

North Shore Gulf of Ajaccio

You will then skirt the coast flying over the Gulfs of Capu di FenoLavaTiucciaSagone returning by the inland villages including Casaglione and along the Rocher des Gozzi.

Mountain villages close to Ajaccio

This tour offers you a view of the interior of the island taking you over the traditional pretty villages of CauroOcanaTolla and its lake, Bastelica, up to the Col de Scalella, then returning by UccianiCarbucciaPeri and Cuttoli.

Mountain Lakes

From Ajaccio, this tour will take you over  Lake Tolla, through the Prunelli gorges, the village of Bastelica as far as the Pozzi of Bastelica, to the lakes of Bastani and Vitalac, returning by the Gravona Valley.

The Gulf of Porto

This tour will show you the breathtaking landscapes around the Gulf of Porto: you will depart by the village of Appietto for a coastal flight that will take you along the Gulfs of TiucciaSagoneCarge, flying over the magnificent beach of Arone,  Capu Rossu and its Genoese tower on the cliff side, the charming village of Piana and the fabulous Calanques de Piana, arriving in Porto before returning to Ajaccio by the low mountain.

Mountains & sea

This tour takes you by the Prunelli valley, flying over  Lake Tolla, the village of Bastelica and then the Renosu Massif with its Pozzi, Lake Bastani,  and Monte D’Oro, one of the main summits of the island in the  Monte Rotondo massif. You will then fly over the famous lakes of Melo, Capitello, Goria and Nino, to cross the Col de Vergio and the Spelunca gorges, before arriving in Porto and its Gulf. You will return to Ajaccio along the coast by Piana and its world famous coves, the Capu Rossu and its Genoese tower on the cliff side, CargeSagoneTiucciaAjaccio and its Gulf.


Discovering Bonifacio from the sky is a unique experience! This tour will take you from  Ajaccio and along the entire west coast of southern Corsica toward Bonifacio, flying over the cliffs of BonifacioSperone,  Piantarella beach with a return through inland Corsica with these beautiful villages and the  Bavella massif with its famous Needles.

South Corsica

This grand tour will show you all the most beautiful landscapes of the far south of Corsica. It will fly you over the entire West Coast of Ajaccio toward Bonifacio and its cliffs, SperonePiantarella, the Lavezzi Islands, the beaches of Sant’AmanzaRondinaraSanta GiuliaPalombaggia, to the Gulf of Porto-Vecchio.
You will return to Ajaccio passing by the Bavella massif and its Needles, the plateau of Coscione and the Taravo valley.

Helicopter initiation flight - Corse Hélicoptère
Helicopter initiation flight - Corse Hélicoptère

Discover the sensations of a helicopter pilot

To give you a foretaste of helicopter piloting, we offer initiation flights on a Cabri G2 helicopter, the duration of which can be counted in your training.

Corse Hélicoptère - Une autre vision de la Corse

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Les circuits au départ de Figari sont disponibles du 20/06 au 15/09.
Corse Hélicoptère - Une autre vision de la Corse

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Corse Hélicoptère - another view of Corsica!

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Tours departing from Figari are available from 20/06 to 15/09.
Corse Hélicoptère - another view of Corsica!

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